Monitor 530

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Monitor 530 is a loudspeaker for avid music and cinema lovers, who like strong sensations and want perfect sound quality.

Monitor  530, a member of the fifth generation of loudspeakers developed using  Stereolith® technology and as a result of more than twenty years of  research, opens a whole new dimension in stereo sound.

The creative  functioning principle of Stereolith® Monitor 530 provides an exceptional  sound resolution, which lets you perceive sound details that  traditional loudspeakers cannot reproduce.

To ensure a perfect  finish, each loudspeaker is assembled thoroughly and undergoes rigorous  quality control in our Prangins facility before being delivered to our  customers.


  • High fidelity
  • Home Theater (we recommend adding an active subwoofer for the best rendering of your favorite movies)
  • Sound systems for public spaces (bars, etc.)

The Monitor 530 is a  top-of-the-line model for demanding music lovers. It combines high sound  rendering precision with quality finish and an unbeatable quality/price  ratio.

Why One Loudspeaker Cabinet Only?
While  modern hi-fi equipment (CD player, amplifier, etc.) does not pose major  problems, the same cannot be said for acoustic loudspeakers. In  addition to the specific position that listeners must absolutely  respect, the placement of loudspeakers is very critical and their  performance is limited by the room’s acoustics.
Two separate  loudspeakers do not distribute stereo signal, but simply reproduce two  different pieces of information: the left signal and the right signal.  In ideal listening conditions, the listener can mentally reconstruct the  stereo "image" based on this combined information.
It may seem  paradoxical, but it is the location of loudspeakers that permits us to  perceive a difference between the left and the right signal. Outside of  the ideal listening point, it is impossible for our brain to reconstruct  the overall sound, since the elementary information is missing or  false. Therefore, quite often we obtain two-channel reproduction instead  of stereo reproduction.
To guarantee three-dimensional spatial sound  reproduction, it is essential to distribute the signals from one  loudspeaker cabinet, using a dipole effect. Stereolith® was created  taking this aspect into account. The conditions for stereo reproduction  are met by coupling the left and right loudspeakers within the same  cabinet.

Technical Sheet

  • Tweeter: ribbon
  • Standard chassis bass-medium SP: 17 cm, coated paper
  • Impedance: 2 x 8 Ohms
  • Power: 2 x 120 Watts RMS
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB/W/m
  • Amplitude response: 60-40000 Hz
  • Size: 22/35/30 cm
  • Weight: 9.8 Kg
  • Body: MDF
  • Colours: silver, white, black, walnut

Loudspeaker cable and support sold separately
You can ask for special finishes.
Option: installation and adjustment by a Stereolith® advisor: 100.00 CHF


Price: CHF 4200.-